Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fourth of July at the Beach!

So this year's 4th of July was really fun! Skylar took a day off of selling and we got to spend the day together! First we started off by sleeping in (not like we don't already get to do that, but it was still nice). Then we got our things together, had the guys over for grilled cheese sandwiches and we were off to the BEACH! :) It was perfect! The weather was just right and I was really surprised how similar a lake beach is to the ocean beaches. The sand was soft and the water was the perfect temperature! It was also nice because there was no salt to deal with, and no seaweed! Two bonuses right there! The guys had fun throwing mud at each other and building sand castles (do boys ever grow up?). I of course was thrown into the water by Skylar like a million times, he thinks I'm like a toy or something!? Haha, but all in all, we got some sun and had a great day! We finished up the night by going out to dinner with the office and watching a fireworks show! Yay for 4th of July!

This boy LOVES the water!
 Check out the farmers tan! Haha
 The group! 
Little boys at heart!
 Would you even know that we're brother and sister? He's SO tan!

Fun day with friends and family :)

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  1. cute blog! so happy you two are in my ward...even if it is just for a few months.