Saturday, July 30, 2011

Me and Dinkis

So this is Dinkis...our wonderful, crazy, curious kitten.

He is a little orange ball of fur...full of endless energy and has quite a fiery personality! We got him when he was only 5 weeks old. Skylar saved him from trailer life and he came and joined our family! He has been my friend and someone to play with while Skylar is gone all day. He's a cute little guy and we love his quirkiness!

Dinkis enjoys chewing on shoelaces, playing with his toys, running around the house, he goes crazy over his kitty treats, and loves eating and being involved in whatever Skylar and I are doing. He really is a Dinkis and sometimes falls off the couch and runs into walls and other such things! Skylar came up with the name, for he likes to call me a Dinkis. So its nice for me, cause I don't get called it as much now ;) 

One of our favorite games to play...haha, it just never gets old!

All in all, we love the little kitty even if he is a "Dinkis!" He brings us joy and laughs and has been my little friend all summer. He is a good kitten, doesn't damage or scratch the couch, but is known to nibble at toes and fingers! Don't worry, we're training him...gotta love the spray bottle technique. Let's just say sometimes he ends up really wet! :)

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